New structure planned for effective operation

miniPelleter 18 is a semi-industrial pellet mill for manufacturers of pellets from biomass and pelleting feeds. 

miniPelleter 18 is made of the highest quality subassemblies produced in the European Union.  It is installed on our production line in Poland. It is European in 100%, which determines innovativeness and is an effect of 40 years’ experience in pelleting. 

It is a completely new structure planned for effective operation. 

miniPelleter was designed to gain profits and find satisfied Clients.

konstrukcja kolko


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Advanced in simplicity.
Reliable in action.

Have you ever considered what an advanced construction is?   
We shall prompt you: it is not a machine filled with technology. It is an uncomplicated construction with an endless quantity of elements.

mP 18 is an effect of engineers’ work and many years of experience.  
It is a fully simplified pelleting set with logically adjusted details in minimal quantity. 

Our constructors have thought about everything. They simplified and strengthened the construction and optimized parameters. They did a whole lot of work.

miniPelleter 18 is a technological masterpiece. Simplicity counts. You will appreciate it soon.


Small pellet mill,
great possibilities

What can the miniPelleter 18 do for you?
It can produce good quality pellets from biomass.
From wood dust, straw, hay – the list is long.

It can also produce feeds for chickens, swine, cattle, horses, rabbits, etc.   
Using a 12-diameter die whose hole is even 180mm long, you will produce perfect feeds for fish.  

In one word: it will produce for you a product that you will sell successfully.  
And you and your company will earn measurable money.



Rare quality of performance

Have a thorough look. See a compact and clever construction. A huge galvanized tank finished with a reinforcing flat bar. Raw material speed dosing control. Bulky clamps for fast disassembly of the body. Big and comfortable handles. The big and tight inspection door on the galvanized two-part body.  
Power supply cabinet on the left. Legible and big control buttons and the load read-out.

A handy storeroom on the right.
The shelf on the cabinet is lined with rubber so that you do not put tools on the floor.

All is in the right place. Logically. Intuitively. Properly.


Production without disturbances

miniPelleter 18 is a pellet mill prepared in detail.   It is an exceptionally resilient, mechanical construction. 

miniPellet 18 can produce pellets from biomass and pelleted feeds.  

We have done our best for you to produce a good quality pelleted mass.    Apart from that, perfect adjustment of the parameters of dies, rollers, gears and the motor guarantees good capacities. 

And are quality and capacity not basic for every self-respecting company?

 okienko kolo

cechy geneza

Origin of the 

It started in 2011.
Our idea was to create a pellet mill with a strong structure and simple in use. The pellet mill with low failure frequency and profitable for our satisfied Clients.

We wanted our pellet mill to be our showcase. 

You can read the whole story here